Mario Elias - Founder and President

Mario grew up in the south of Peru, where his family was involved in different companies, mainly in the construction and agricultural industries. After finishing High School, Mario moved to Chile to pursue a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Agricultural Management. Finishing his career, he had the option to go back to Peru, stay in Chile or move to the United States. Because his main focus was to become an entrepreneur, he chose the United States as he saw it as the land of opportunity and more in alignment with his personal ideals.

He gained experience working in retail Sales, Marketing and Administration, and grew and sold a furniture business, before moving to the Coachella Valley in 2008, where he fell in love with the area, which he saw as the perfect place to raise his children and set roots with his family. He decided to stay and enter the Pool Service Industry. Starting with a small pool service route in 2009, which he initially serviced himself, he began growing a business founded in his goal to innovate and set himself apart from the usual standards of the industry, and take service to the next level. He has molded a company focused on employing and training a team based on the principles of quality, honesty, reliability, commitment, and great customer service. After 11 years, the company has grown tenfold in customers, and now a complete team of design, construction and remodeling technicians, as well as a complete team of service and repairs technicians, and administration and sales professionals help him every day to stay leading the local pool business scene.

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His vision is to grow a business where all employees can learn, grow professionally and develop a career for the betterment of themselves and their families. Every year all employees of Bella Blue Water and their families get together for a Holiday party, where bonuses are given to all employees to share with them the company's success, as they participate every day, all year long in achieving its goals.

Bella Blue Water is one of only a handful of pool companies in the Desert to be 100% formal, carrying all the city and state required licenses, liability and auto insurance, as well as workers compensation insurance. Every person working in the company is an employee as required by law in the pool service industry, and all enjoy benefits such as paid vacations, sick days, holiday’s rest and extra rewards for their hard work.

He looks forward to keep growing the business and the Bella Blue Water family, generating employment for our Valley’s residents and contributing to our wonderful Desert community.

Erika Mazzotti - Executive Director

With over 28 years of small business management experience, Erika has successfully grown with Bella Blue Water since 2014, developing new and innovative ideas to increase productivity, while ensuring customer satisfaction, strategic management, workforce planning and employee growth and retention.

Exhibiting strong leadership skills, she believes in setting reachable goals to encourage employees to feel more confident, beginning by establishing solid organizational and administrative structures.

She is Certified in Hospitality Management, Pool Design Software, and has been trained in Sales Management. She has been a Coachella Valley resident since1989.

Her favorite quotes are: 

*Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

*Believe in yourself and know that everything is possible


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