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Francisco Miranda - Remodels Sales Representative

Francisco joined Bella Blue Water in 2016, worked in different positions and is now in charge of the Sales and Coordination of Remodeling Projects. He has been involved in the pool industry since 2002, working in different areas including project management, operations, sales and customer service.


He has 30 years of experience in IT, sales, marketing and planning, working in different industries, and holds a Marketing Professional Degree and an Advanced Business Management (MBA equivalent) diploma. He also has 4 other different professional certifications in management, business planning, information technologies and customer service from other prestigious organizations.

He has been residing in the Coachella Valley since 2002.

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Eduardo Gustavson - Foreman

An experienced all-around pool industry person, Eduardo dominates everything pools from service to construction, with a special emphasis on equipment installation.

He is in charge of the Remodeling and New Construction coordination with our different crews, and any sub-contractor involved in our projects.

He has almost 20 years in the pool industry, and has been a Coachella Valley resident since 2003.


Our Team

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